The quick bio:

The Rev. Emily C. Heath is a United Church of Christ minister currently serving as Senior Pastor of the Congregational Church in Exeter, New Hampshire, and a writer and public theologian.

The not-so-quick bio:

Christ-follower, displaced Southerner, binary-smasher, PhD dropout, former religious “none”, ambivert, fly-fishing enthusiast, progressive evangelical, recovery believer, Sox fan, marriage equality advocate, blogger, Reformed theologian, fantasy football fanatic, church-lover, and spouse of an amazing woman.

How you might have met Heath:

- In the Still Speaking Writers’ Group’s Daily Devotionals, the Huffington Post’s Religion page, Believe Out Loud, Christian Century blogs, and more.

 – As a student at Emory University (BA),  Columbia Theological Seminary (MDiv, ThM), or Andover Newton Theological School (DMin, anticipated).

- On the national Board of Directors of the United Church of Christ.

- In the Presbyterian Church (USA) (ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament from 2001-2010, before transferring ordination to the UCC over issues of LGBTQ inclusion).

- As a former trauma and fire department chaplain.

- Working for marriage equality and the full inclusion of LGBTQ people from 1994 until today.

– Knee-deep in a New England trout stream, fly rod in hand.

– Or, standing next to the incomparable Heidi Carrington Heath, wife extraordinaire.