The Summer of Mainline Dreams

An interesting movement is popping up on Twitter. Mainline Christians of several denominations have started “dream” movements in which they tweet about their hopes for the future church and how to get there. One tweeter called this the “mainline summer”.

The United Methodists came first and are already holding tweet-ups. Their hashtag is #dreamumc and they facilitate with @dreamumc

The Presbyterian Church (USA) followed in the aftermath of General Assembly 220. Their hash is #dreampcusa and they facilitate with @wedreampcusa

The United Church of Christ folks came next with #dreamucc and @dreamucc

UPDATE: An Episcopal conversation is taking place under the hashtag of #Acts8 (see comments below).

There is also a hash starting for Disciples under #dreamccdoc

I’m hopeful the ELCA, and others will join in soon.

There’s also another hashtag for ecumenical conversation at #mainlinedreams with an account at @mainlinedreams. Since our futures seem more and more likely to intersect, it makes sense that we should start talking now. My hope is we will share our thoughts, sermons, and writing with one another, and that we will start the next chapter in mainline Christian renewal.

This is an ever-changing list, so please be sure to share what you know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “The Summer of Mainline Dreams

  1. Hi! Thanks for summarizing. I didn’t realize this was going on in other denominations too. The Episcopalians are dreaming at our General Convention which is currently happening in Indianapolis. The dreaming was convened by a group of folks calling themselves Acts 8. A call for the gathering is at

    Video of Episcopalians dreaming at the 1st Acts 8 meeting at General Convention is at!

  2. Mainline denominations have been actively using Twitter for at least three years. I know this because I’ve been watching and participating in this action for four years! What has changed, thank God, is the willingness and ability to use hashtags for conferences and conventions, as well as understanding that properly tagged content and conversation supports community building.

    Last year I established #chsocm (church social media) as the hashtag for tagging content and conversation about . . . church social media, a weekly chat (#chsocm chat) focused on topics about church social media, and a blog with information about how to use social media, commentary, interviews with folks using social media and, most importantly, transcripts from weekly chats. You and your readers are warmly invited to visit: and participate.

    You might also enjoy my1:28 video, “Social Media: Don’t Be That Church”

    In summary, lots going on. Add the hashtag and join the conversation!

  3. As the one who coined the phrase “Mainline Summer” I am so excited to watch the Spirit move through all these movements and our greater movement together! I am following all of the twitter accounts so I can occasionally visit and join in prayer other dreamers. I think @MainlineDreams should consider convening us once a month for ecumenical twitter prayer. Peace! @gatordukie

  4. This is fantastic. I loved the idea after the UMC’s General Conference, but just learned about the “Mainline Summer” (great term, Andy!) in an article this afternoon. I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the conversations once my internet sources are more steadily reliable.

    Love the cross-denomination actions going on. This is exactly what the start of a movement looks like.

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