A few quick thoughts on Chick-Fil-A

I grew up loving Chick-Fil-A. In college I would even go with friends to the 24 hour location by the Atlanta airport. I confess that on my recent visit to my parents, I ate there more than once. But I won’t anymore. This isn’t an assault on Chick-Fil-A’s free speech. No one is telling them that they can’t say what they are saying. But freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. My boycott is about loving myself, and loving my friends, and refusing to put more money in the pockets of those who would deny us basic rights. Chick-Fil-A can continue to say whatever they would like, but we who disagree have the right to no longer fund their fight against equal marriage. I’ll miss the chicken, but I’ll enjoy knowing my money is going to companies that respect my family (and my understandng of what it means to be a Christian) more.

30 thoughts on “A few quick thoughts on Chick-Fil-A

  1. First off Emily in the Word of God according to the Bible the Only Persons who should have the name of Reverend is God almight not man/woman, because He is the Holy One an another thing Chick-Fil-A is not going to go broke because you and the rest of the world do not eat there. If you are a minister then your job is to the minister the Word of God just as He had it written in the Bible and go out an bring His lost children to Christ!!!! Minister/Evanglist C.A.Dickerson

  2. You guys are totally in the dark or suffering from tunnel vision. Lets just say the opposite of your opposition is true. Would you really understand people of faith, moral majority values not supporting a business or company just because they support a lifestyle or speech that so differs from their own. The man or the company has a right to possession of thought and belief even if it differs from your own. Back up for a week or two and really has your chicken lunch or dinner changed so much just because a man was honest in replying to a question. At least he is honest and not living under the pressure to say or act in a manner that paralyzes his convictions. Timothy E. Gadd, North Carolina

  3. Ms. Heath, I am not at war in my words or spirit with my difference in belief and understanding what legalizes a federal marriage. I do respect you, your partner and others who strive for domestic equality. But here is where I think Divine providence has an opinion ” It is unable to reproduce the fruits of the union in which you yourself were conceived from” You must ask yourself are you right or are you wrong and I must ask myself for the same truth. What if you are wrong? What if I am wrong. The Truth is available to us both. Love should be the engine that powers our land. Tolerance should be shared on both sides of the debate.

    • I would argue that Mr. Cathy’s statements show his intolerance. LGBT people on the other hand are not saying he is not free to hold, and share, his opinions. We simply choose not to give him more money to spread his intolerance. The one thing I can not tolerate, however, is Christians who excuse the injustice of other Christians.

    • And if by “reproducing the fruits of the union” you are referring to the inability of gays and lesbians to conceive with same-sex partners, will you also be banning marriages if a straight couple cannot reproduce?

  4. Context has gone a muck. It is not my job to ban anyone or anything. I am a perfect sinner and fully incapable of throwing a pebble, rock , stone or boulder. I am a believer that my personal actions have to be accounted for and strive for corrections daily. If you personally prefer to love someone, love boldly but it is my biblical belief that it should be between a man and a woman. I feel confident Mr. Cathy was saying the same thing. No hate here just a difference in how you and I interpret the pages of the Good Book. Again one of us is right and the other wrong. With this issue there is no middle.

  5. T.E.G. : G-d may, or may not change, we can’t know – we’re mear human beings (broken ikons, some say), but our understanding of G-d has changed, evolved even – from Bronze Age thinking/reasoning to 21st Century thinking. You might want to spur your horse and catch up to the posse.

  6. There are very possibly different kinds of ‘fruits’, that two people who live in loving commitment to one another and who love God, can ‘birth’ from their union. Love ‘believes in all things’ and God is the same as ever…always creating something new. Legalistic interpretations of scripture stunts and cripples but God’s love is Living Water and if Emily, in good conscience, serves God by uplifting all of her life, including her sexuality and her partnership, to God, then who is anyone else to present a stumbling block before her. If your conscience can not condone being homosexual, then don’t be homosexual…but leave your brothers and sisters who live at peace with it IN peace.
    May humility, courage, strength, humility and gratitude be yours in Christ who loves you, Emily. May he lead you all of your life through treacherous and difficult waters and bless you and sustain you in times of darkness and pain. May he guide us all upon the path of true spiritual freedom in Himself.

  7. I’m pro-marriage equality and enjoyed your post, but I’ve read the whole Bible, all of it (i wanted to be a preacher like my grandfather)…. but I came away with a different opinion, namely that an all-loving, all-merciful god, committed, commanded or condoned:

    – slavery
    – murder
    – genocide
    – gendercide
    – infanticide
    – speciecide
    – rape
    – stoning disobedient sons
    – sending bears to kill kids for making fun of a bald guy
    – stoning women unmarried women who aren’t virgins

    Additionally, 1 Timorthy seems to forbid women from being ministers in the church or even speaking in it.

    As a kid, I really enjoyed the Jesus stories. I liked his philosophy of treating people with kindness & compassion, but when I turned back a few chapters & started reading, that’s when I lost my religion.

    In my church, I asked a lot of questions but didn’t find many who had actually read the whole bible. So, I was wondering, with due respect, have you? And, if so, how do you reconcile I murderous god who tells middle-men to tell their tribes to kill women & children? Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea in 325AD, created the Roman Catholic Church. Did he do this to feed the Roman war machine? After all, he boiled his pregnant wife alive.

    It sounded too much like a tool for men to manipulate men, I.e., for tyrants to control peasants.

    You seem bright, so I’m wondering what your take is on this?

  8. I was raised Catholic and I believe in God. I also believe in happiness and equality for all. And I believe my God does too. I commend you Rev. Emily to feel, preach and live the way that makes you happy. It’s what makes us human. It’s what makes us non-judgemental. It’s what makes you special. You are an inspiration. Stay the course.

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