Journey Through Lent: Day 7

imageWe are eight days into Lent, which means one thing for a lot of Christians: the Lenten disciplines we’ve taken up have already been forgotten.

Maybe it wasn’t deliberate. Life moves fast and the thing you decided to take on just didn’t fit into your schedule one day. Or, you gave something up, and then ended up standing next to it on the table at a party and it just proved too tempting.

It’s okay. We all drop the ball sometimes, and none of us have perfect records when it comes to follow through.

What matters now is what happens next. I wrestle with my perfectionistic tendencies sometimes, and Lent is no exception. One mistake, and I’m tempted to throw out the whole thing and give up.

And what’s true for Lent is true for our whole lives. Sometimes we allow our mistakes and shortcomings to determine our future. We figure we’ve screwed up so much so far that we won’t ever recover.

But that’s not the lesson of Christ. If grace is real, then it means we receive it even when it’s the last thing we deserve. And if grace is real, then there’s only one proper response, in Lent or out of it: saying thank you.

So, take this day, or any day, as a chance to start over. Don’t let your past mistakes define you. Leave that to Christ, and a future full of grace.

4 thoughts on “Journey Through Lent: Day 7

    • We had the steeple repaired at the church last year, and it took me a few days to see this sign. The steeplejacks had put it there to let people know there might be falling objects, but it sort of looked like we were asking them to stay out of the church. (I really didn’t have any better mistake pictures today…plus, I think this one is funny.)

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