Journey Through Lent: Days 33-34

When we think about our lives, and we think about our life budget, not just our financial budget, but the whole real thing of our time and talents and heart and compassion, is it balanced?

I ask that like there’s a finite limit of resources there, and like they all have to be put in the right line items, but things like love and compassion are not finite, so let me rephrase: does the budget of your life reflect the sort of person you believe God is calling you to be? If you were to look at where what you have, in every sense of the word, goes…would you like what you saw?

One of the challenges and blessings of Lent is that we are asked to take an accounting. We’re not being audited from the outside. Instead, we are asked to open up the books of our lives, take a look, and see if they match the person that we want to be. Or that we claim to be. And then, if they don’t, we try to figure out how to make everything reconcile.

And reconciliation, being reconciled, is what Lent is all about. Lent is about taking account of our relationship with God, and making the changes necessary to ensure that our actions line up with God’s will for us. It’s about balancing the real budget of our lives in ways that align with what we truly believe. It’s a continuous process, but it’s one that we can commit to in earnest in Lent. So why not this Lent? God is waiting for us to be reconciled, and to live a truly rich life.

Thoughts to share?

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