Pastors Sound Off: A New Resource from the UCC

Earlier this summer I was asked to contribute an essay to a new resource from the United Church of Christ’s publishing arm. Pastors Sound Off: Causes We Can’t Keep Quiet About is a volume of short essays from UCC pastors about social concerns. What is unique about this resource is that each of these essays is very personal, and is written by a pastor who passionate about their subject matter.

Pastors_Sound_Off_Body_6_1024x1024The topics are diverse. Martin Copenhaver writes about war, Mary Luti about anti-Semitism, and Quinn Caldwell about fracking. My own essay is on addiction and the ways the church fails to adequately address a national epidemic. Each essay weaves the personal and the prophetic together, and each calls the wider church to action.

I’ve enjoyed reading these essays on my own, but I think this booklet could also be used in a small-group discussion or Sunday school class. But, beware; it’s the kind of writing that will challenge you, make you think, and may even make you uncomfortable enough to take the next steps.

If you’re interested in reading for yourself, you can order copies directly from the UCC:

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