Resurrection Phobia: Sermon for June 5, 2016

logoEvery week I try to post the sermon I preach at The Congregational Church in Exeter on this page. This week I’m not doing so for two reasons. First, it’s our Music Celebration Sunday in Exeter, which means the Word is being proclaimed through song.

Second, I preached on the lectionary text for this week in a different way. Several months ago I ventured back to my old hometown, Atlanta, in order to record a sermon for Day1. Day1 is an ecumenical radio and internet broadcast featuring preachers from a variety of Protestant denominations. If you’ve never heard of Day1, take this opportunity to check them out. Each week preachers from across traditions engage the lectionary text in new ways. It’s an example of ecumenical work at its best.

This week I preached on Luke 7:11-17, and talked about “Resurrection Phobia”, and the ways we choose fear over hope. You can read, and listen, here: Day 1: Resurrection Phobia

One thought on “Resurrection Phobia: Sermon for June 5, 2016

  1. Emily, this is a beautiful piece. You have a way of inviting us all to deeper introspection and self-awareness that is neither judgmental nor condescending, and still challenges us deeply. That fear is easy and can easily become our default state, and that hope is complex and requires intentional, careful cultivation–truer and more relevant words may not exist in our current political morass. Thank you for using your words and your voice to cultivate stubborn hope!

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