Now on iTunes: A new sermon podcast.

A few years ago I podcasted my sermons regularly, and enjoyed hearing feedback from those who listened. Then the podcasting service I was using shut down, and I started publishing my manuscript instead.

Lately I’ve been listening to more podcasts, including sermon podcasts, and really enjoying it. I’ve realized that listening to a sermon appeals to many people more than reading one. (Though, I know that’s not true of everyone, so I’ll keep publishing the manuscripts too.)

Additionally, some of my church members who travel part of the year or who are can’t make it to church due to illness, wanted the church to make sermons available online. So, we did.

The Congregational Church in Exeter now has a podcast on PodBean. The feed is being picked up on iTunes as well, so there are two ways to listen and download. To find us on iTunes visit:

Or, if you’d rather use PodBean, visit:

A few notes on my preaching style for those who are curious: first, I preach “on lectionary” about 90% of the time. Sometimes I go off lectionary for a special event, but I like the idea of preaching on the same text as churches across the ecumenical spectrum.

Second, I don’t preach especially long sermons. Some are only about twelve minutes. I figure that’s plenty of time to get to the point, and make it matter for our daily lives.

Third, I start at the Scripture, and not at a theme. I believe in making the Scripture relevant to life. So these are less sermons on a topic, and more sermons on a text. I also usually only focus on one Scriptural passage.

So, that’s my preaching style. I hope that these sermons might speak to others, and convey God’s love and grace. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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