Journey Through Lent: Day 6



My wife and I are visiting her family in Syracuse, and yesterday we went to the mall. Not just any mall, mind you, but the second most visited mall in America. It’s name? Destiny.

I had to laugh a little. It is indeed an impressive collection of stores, complete with an indoor racetrack and ropes course. But, really, I didn’t find anything there that defined my destiny. (Unless, of course, destiny can be procured at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.)

I wonder what the naming meeting for the mall was like. “We could call it the Syracuse Mall. But, no, too uninspiring. How about Overspent Oblivion. Too obvious? I’ve got it. DESTINY!”

I’m guessing “Salvation Center” was taken.

I’m really not a shopping hater, but I wonder why we’ve started to give our words that mean the most to the things that mean so little. There’s nothing at the mall that can bring us closer to our destiny. At least, not our true one.

If you are looking for your destiny, Lent isn’t a bad place to start. Because Lent refocuses us away from the false destinies that the world tries to sell us, and back on our true destiny which is always with God.

Lent can be a time to block out the noise of the world, and focus instead on what really matters. It can be a time to reject the destinies chosen for us in focus groups and boardrooms and instead choose the one that Christ gives to us. It can be the one where we reject the temporary and become one with the everlasting.

And when we find our true destiny, we find that nothing less will do.