Prayer and Action: Sermon for July 28, 2013

Some of the first prayers I ever remember saying were during football games. My family is full of Redskins fans, and my dad in particular takes games very seriously. I remember being about six years old and watching the Redskins play the Dolphins in the Super Bowl. We were watching them on TV, and I could see everyone was so intent and so anxious. And so, though I didn’t understand much about God or prayer or how to pray, I kept praying that the pass on third and long would connect, or the field goal would make it through the … Continue reading Prayer and Action: Sermon for July 28, 2013

Rev. Emily C. Heath, Commons newspaper

The Wide Middle Ground – New article in “The Commons”

Last week an article entitled “In Vermont, gods don’t vote” was printed in The Commons, the weekly newspaper for Windham County, Vermont. You can read it here: This week, I countered with these thoughts on the legitimacy of having a … Continue reading The Wide Middle Ground – New article in “The Commons”

A Prayer for Good Friday

Let us pray: Prince of Peace, redeemer of us all, crucified God, we have gathered at the foot of the cross, and at the entrance to the tomb, and we have rolled the stone across it. The world sometimes does it’s worst, even to those who don’t deserve it. You know that, because you once lived as one of us, loved as one of us, and died as one of us. Tonight we leave, as your disciples did centuries ago, knowing our friend is gone, and that a good man has died. The ones who knew you and loved you … Continue reading A Prayer for Good Friday