Journey Through Lent: Days 33-34

When we think about our lives, and we think about our life budget, not just our financial budget, but the whole real thing of our time and talents and heart and compassion, is it balanced? I ask that like there’s a finite limit of resources there, and like they all have to be put in the right line items, but things like love and compassion are not finite, so let me rephrase: does the budget of your life reflect the sort of person you believe God is calling you to be? If you were to look at where what you … Continue reading Journey Through Lent: Days 33-34

Ash Wednesday: Sermon for February 13, 2013

(Note: this sermon contains pieces of my Ash Wednesday essay “It’s Not About Me” found in Huffington Post and previously on this blog.) If you go to a bookstore, and you look at the religion section, and especially the Christianity section, you’ll see a theme. Yes, there will be Bibles and other holy books, but more often than not, the section will be overrun with books all purporting to do one thing: to make your life better. I don’t begrudge that. I think that if faith helps you to lead a more meaningful, more joyful, or more peaceful life then … Continue reading Ash Wednesday: Sermon for February 13, 2013