Questioning Advent: Day 19 – Cheese Grits

I really like cheese grits. I grew up south of the Mason-Dixon and went to college and seminary in Atlanta, where I solidified my passion for cheese grits. Cheddar grits are great. Cheddar grits with a little bit of jalapeño diced up in them are even better. But now I live in New England, land of oatmeal. Occasionally there will be sightings of cheese grits at restaurants in the bigger cities, offered as a special by some exiled Southern chef, but those meals are few and far between. Once I took an extra order home for breakfast from a restaurant … Continue reading Questioning Advent: Day 19 – Cheese Grits

Getting Our Heads Out of the Clouds: A Sermon for Ascension Sunday, May 12, 2013

Churches, and their clergy, have sometimes been accused of being out of touch with the real world. Karl Marx called religion the “opiate of the people” because he believed it made us ignore the pains and injustices of the world and look to a pie-in-the-sky heaven when this life is over. And even today you hear plenty of people talking about how Christians are too focused on the next life, and not focused enough on this one. They might even say we have our heads in the clouds. Sometimes they’re right. I’ve talked before about how after seminary I did … Continue reading Getting Our Heads Out of the Clouds: A Sermon for Ascension Sunday, May 12, 2013

Journey Through Lent: Day 18

Today is Town Meeting Day in Vermont. That means that throughout the state residents are trudging through the snow to their town halls in order to sit through an hours-long meeting about the place they live. Perhaps surprisingly, they remain popular here, and in other places throughout New England. This is a regional phenomenon that was unfamiliar to me when I moved here. Democracy is exercised not just in the confines of a voting booth, but in community. It’s complicated, and time consuming, and messy. But it’s also pretty effective. And in the end, the community is enriched by the … Continue reading Journey Through Lent: Day 18